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Air Conditioning Repair For Trucks & Trailers

Five Indicators Your Truck or Trailer's AC Needs Attention

  • Your Truck or Trailer's AC blows air only slightly cooler than the outside temperature.
  • Unpleasant mildew and mold odors emanate from your AC vents.
  • The AC functions only while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Even at the highest fan setting, there's weak airflow.
  • Water condenses or drips onto your foot while driving.

Don't delay! If your Truck or Trailer's AC isn't operating at peak efficiency, a visit to Kieler Service Center is a wise move. Routine maintenance now can help you avoid more costly truck & trailer AC repairs later. Sometimes, resolving a malfunctioning air conditioner is as simple and cost-effective as replenishing the coolant.

Schedule your truck & trailer AC repair appointment with Kieler Service Center today! Our expert technicians are equipped to swiftly diagnose and resolve all your air conditioning issues.

To learn more about our AC repair services, call us at 608-568-7265 or request a quote by clicking below:

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Restoring Comfort with Kieler Service Center in Kieler

If your Truck or Trailer's air conditioning system isn't keeping you cool in the scorching weather, there's no need to endure discomfort. Come over to Kieler Service Center in Kieler, where we'll swiftly restore your AC's performance. Reach out to us now at 608-568-7265 or drop by our shop at 3722 Contractor Lane, Kieler, WI.

Ensuring Optimal Performance for Your Vehicle's Cooling System

Most Truck or Trailer's air conditioning systems eventually require attention due to wear and tear. Hoses supplying the AC unit can crack, clog, or develop leaks if neglected. Let us service your Truck or Trailer to keep your cooling system operating at its best. Dial 608-568-7265 to learn more about how we can restore your air conditioning.

Common Truck or Trailer AC Repair Services

Truck & Trailer 1234YF Vehicle AC Refrigerant
Our shop is prepared to recharge your car, truck, or jeep's 1234YF freon. All vehicle AC systems manufactured after 2021 rely on 1234YF freon as the eco-friendly solution for keeping your car's cabin cool.

Freon Recharging FAQs

How often should Freon be changed?
Never, at least not in the way you think of your oil being changed. Your Truck & Trailer's AC system is a sealed unit. No new Freon needs to be added unless there's a refrigerant leak. Over time as your vehicle ages small cracks may form in your AC system parts such as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver-dryer, expansion tube and connecting hoses allowing Freon to escape. If this occurs, you need to replace the failing part and have your Freon recharged.

How long should a Freon recharge last?
If your Truck & Trailer's AC system was recently repaired and required a Freon recharge it should not need to be replaced again. Your AC system is a closed or sealed system that does not allow Freon to escape. Freon is not like gasoline; it does not get depleted. If Freon is escaping after your Truck & Trailer's AC system has been repaired, then additional work may need to be done to find the leak.

How many cans of Freon does a Truck or Trailer take?
Don't guesstimate your Truck & Trailer's refrigerant needs! Most use 28-32 ounces (2-3 12oz cans), but larger vehicles and rear A/C can be different. Check your manual for the exact amount to avoid overfilling.

Can I leave my Truck or Trailer running when adding Freon?
It is advised to have your engine running while recharging your Truck & Trailer's A/C system. This is essential as the A/C compressor, powered by the engine, must be active to facilitate proper refrigerant circulation and ensure an effective recharge.

Why is my Truck or Trailer blowing hot air after adding Freon?
A refrigerant leak can lead to a loss of pressure in the AC system, resulting in a failure to produce cold air. This is frequently the primary reason a recharge may prove ineffective. It is crucial to inspect the system for leaks and address any issues before proceeding with a recharge.

Discover More About AC Repair Services At Kieler Service Center in Kieler

1234YF Vehicle AC Refrigerant




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